Monday, 27 November 2006

PS3 to rule the World?

Die-hard gamers and video gaming entrepreneurs have been braving the malls for the much-awaited Sony PS3. Some were successful in grabbing the latest from Sony in the gaming industry while others were not. Sony promised only a 400,000 PS3 units nationwide for its initial introduction into the U.S. market which is quite minimal compared to the number of gamers all over the U.S. It seems the demand for the PS3 are increasing and with the supply decreasing due to production problems as reports say, gamers across U.S. have been lining up and rushing in only to come out empty-handed and disappointed. In an attempt to grab the last few units, some gamers and customers are now even shopping for their Sony PS3s online which is definitely not a bad idea when you think about the long lines for block along brick and mortar video gaming stores.

However, this limited supply and increasing demand of the PS3 has already been predicted. The market’s interest and anticipation has been given enough time to build up with the Sony PS3 coming a half year later than expected.

Some of those waiting in line for the PS3 - that are selling like hotcakes across stores and shops across the U.S. - are actually not only buying these neat gaming console from Sony but are hoping to give them for Christmas gifts. Due to the limited stocks, some customers are also up for reselling their newly-purchased PS3 at a much higher price and gaining profit.

So what can people expect from the new Sony PS3?

Sony PS3 is excellent for gamers with high definition television sets. With Sony PS3’s 1080p, only the clearest resolution is available for the visually-discriminating gamer. An added bonus to the Sony PS3 is also the Blu-Ray Disc Drive that plays DVDs and CDs.

Some gamer reviews have given Sony PS3 a grade lower than what they have given Nintendo’s Wii though. For one, gamers miss the tremor and shaking effect when firing a virtual gun. However, the verdict on the video gaming console war is definitely far from over yet. Sony PS3 has just been released and the video gaming market can definitely wait a year more from the Sony PS3’s launching for more games and innovation. Gamers and Sony loyalists can definitely expect more to come for the Sony PS3.