Tuesday, 5 December 2006


Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP. These are the new-generation handheld systems. Which is more entertaining? The dual-screened, touch system, or the UMD entertainment all-in-one?

First I'll start with the Nintendo DS, it's got a cool-techno-slim design and stores it's games on cards which look similar to SD's. It has two screens (one being a touchscreen) and comes with a stylus to use. It also has built in Infa-Red and a slot to insert your Game Boy Advance games.

The Nintendo DS has a great library of games, and whats better it can play GBA games. You could chat to your friends using a program called "Pictochat" and download homebrew software from Nintendo to play. Not only that but the backlighting and the battery weren't that bad.

This system is for people who aren't interested in playing films or MP3 music or want to wait that long for their games to load. In proportion, this game beats the PSP in terms of game-loading and library of games. I say they draw around the line of gameplay.

The only things I personally don't like about the NDS is that it cannot play GB or GBC games, the A and B buttons are the wrong way around (in comparison with the GBA/GBA SP) and the touchscreen is very delicate and can be broken after long periods of use.

Now to the PSP:

The PSP is the all-in-one entertainment system. Movies, MP3, MP4, Internet, Wireless Play, UMD, USB and all that. Plus it has SmartCard SD storage and can run a lot more homebrew software than the NDS.

However there is a lot of downfalls to the PSP. Such as the library of games, sure there is some good games, such as Pro Evolution Soccer 5 and Dead or Alive, but there isn't much choice if you're after Adventure or Platform and not GTA-style or FPS games.

The loading time is a bit horrible as well.

One of my favourite things about the PSP is the USB connection, you can download MP4 movies or MP3 music or even some of your photos onto it, or even homebrewsoftware from the Internet. Trust me it's better than having to get UMDs when you can convert your DVDs into MP4s and place them onto your PSP.

Now it's the end. It's your choice now, what one do you prefer? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks ever so much for reading!