Monday, 22 January 2007

9/11 Demolition

Like many in America I was appalled by ABC Disney’s crock u drama The Road to 9-11. I was not surprised by the spin or the inaccuracies including downright falsehoods but by the networks airing of overt government propaganda. To me at least the film says something that is of vital importance to all Americans, That there is an on going criminal conspiracy involving the events of that day, The event, the motivations, the public statements and as well as alibis.

That victors write history is well known sometimes however they must rewrite history over and over. The liar must keep changing his story as each new fact is revealed. A journeyman liar will eventually back down when confronted by overwhelming truth while a compulsive liar or a professional liar will adroitly and continually rewrite the lie. The compulsive liar cannot help himself while the professional liar sees himself as a craftsman, a wordsmith a magician with words he shows you ideas and frames them with adjectives for the sole purpose of deception. But sometimes even the giants like mighty Casey at the bat strikeout.

To understand the purpose of such a film, why cautious network executives would spend forty million dollars on such a jaded project. These executives who walk a high wire for a living, one faux pax and its curtains. So how could they see this project as having an up side for the network? Propaganda in film is as old as film it’s self from Birth of a Nation extolling the dangers of black men through Leni Riefenstahl’s Olympia proclaiming Arian superman all the way down to our own Sergeant York with Gary Cooper. But this is a different genus it’s purpose is clear it’s purpose is to cloud and misdirect the history of the day to fill the market place of Ideas with irrelevant questions and talking points. To subvert truth with fiction which in the years to come will remain constant while the actual memories will fade while The Road to 9-11 won’t

To truly understand 9-11 and films like the road to 9-11 you must go back to the beginning or rather the end, the end of representative democracy in America November 1963 Dallas Texas. After the CIA had successfully overthrown elected governments on every continent on the planet they completed a very successful operation on their own President. As Jim Garrison correctly stated “Had Americans witnessed these events taking place in Soviet Russia no one would have doubted that it was a coup d’etat.” I say very successful operation with one fatal exception Abraham Zabruter had filmed irrefutable evidence of conspiracy.

The myth: Lee Harvey Oswald was an unhappy drifter seeking attention and to that end assassinated the President with a second hand mail order sniper rifle and a Dallas policeman with a 38 caliber revolver.

The Facts: Oswald taught himself Russian while in the Marines serving in Europe he had a top security clearance yet was only a radar operator. He defects to the Soviet Union and renounces his citizenship claiming that he will give the Russians any information they might request. While we might question whether he was working for the CIA the Russians didn’t, placing him well out of harms way in Minsk. After several years with Russian bride in tow Oswald tells the American embassy he wants to come home, he and his Russian bride are immediately granted visas at the height of the cold war and welcomed home. Oswald is always near the center of covert operations.

He is in New Orleans affiliated with the fair play for Cuba committee passing out pro Castro literature then anti Castro literature. Then inexplicably pulls up stakes and moves to Dallas claiming he is again a Marxist on TV. Almost immediately he finds a job at the schoolbook depository through a woman his wife is working for as a maid. The woman’s family is prominently involved in Dallas right wing politics. Excuse me for focusing on Oswald but it will become apparent when you see these same coincidences again in our own 9-11 tragedy.

Oswald has pictures taken of himself holding the rifle and pistol as well as a newspaper, What? Why would he do that? Oswald had been in the Marines six years guns were not a novelty to him. Oswald is reputed to have fired three shots in six seconds striking the President twice from behind at a distance of three hundred yards through trees. Zabruters film exposed that theory as rubbish, but for that film, it might have been a perfect crime. Zabruters film exposed the stark cold and horrifyingly graphic image of the Presidents brain blown out the rear quadrant of his skull. Most every one knows a gunshot wound will cause a small entrance wound and a large exit wound so it becomes incredibly difficult to convince a nation that the fatal shot came from behind.

Those responsible had much work to do; Now that the official story is obviously false they had to prove with experts and blue ribbon commissions that pigs could fly under certain conditions when the weather was just right. Even to this day books are written and documentaries air explaining how it really really was Lee Harvey Oswald that performed that miracle of marksmanship. The best rifleman in the NRA tried but none could match Oswald feat. Maybe in the ensuing forty years another marksmen might have come along a modern day William Tell but sadly the FBI lost the rifle. Lost the central piece of evidense in the crime of the century and what does the government say about that? Oh well these things happen. The Presidents autopsied brain had been kept as well and when inquiries were made for its possibly evaluation it was discovered it had been lost as well.

Oswald location says much about the conspiracy because he is so far from the scene of the crime; he avoids his best shot and waits until the motorcade turns into the plaza. An unidentified witness in front of the depository tells of seeing the shooter and describes him to police. This is almost as amazing as Oswald’s marksmanship to see straight up six stories into a window and to give a detailed description to the police only to lead the police away from the actual shooters. Like the magician what they show you is only to deceive you. Oswald has an active duty military ID card in his pocket on the day of his arrest this is never mentioned in the press as long as Oswald is alive.

The Myth: Osama Bin Laden was a religious fanatic in charge of a world wide terrorist network, with tentacles reaching everywhere across the planet. He is not a man that could be bargained with. The only possible answer was to kill him but we had very little evidence about his where abouts and what evidence we had was at best sketchy living in the remote Torabora Mountains of Afghanistan.

The Facts: While Osama is religious he is also said to enjoy listening to western music a habit he picked up while working in direct contact with the CIA for ten years at his same hide out while fighting the Russians in Afghanistan. Osama’s family is one of the ruling clique in Saudi Arabia, while he is personally wealthy he did not have unlimited wealth. Growing up in a country with a small population and even smaller ruling elite, to say he is well connected is an understatement.

Fighting the Russians Osama became an adrenaline junkie he established himself as a power with CIA funding. When the war ended it appeared his sun had set yet just like Oswald Osama would pop up in areas of American covert operations Sudan, Somalia just one of those strange coincidents I guess. Some how, some where there was a parting of the ways either he crossed the CIA or the CIA crossed him, and like an ugly divorce we will never know the truth for sure. The official story is that the basing of infidels in his holy land of Saudi Arabia set him off to declare Jihad on the west.

Strange how it never bothered him during the seventies and eighties when the US prepostioned military hardware and personnel. The US held joint exercises with the Saudi military forces Infidels had lived all through out the country at all levels of the society. But now as the official story goes he became a criminal mastermind. Declaring war on the west and his own country for allowing the infidels on holy soil, he left Saudi Arabia never to return except for an occasional family wedding.

There are some facts that can be argued and some that simply cannot. The administration of George W. Bush and Richard B. Cheney wanted a war with Iraq. This is obvious to even the most casual observer, if you have any question in your mind whether this is not a true statement stop here. The cartoon network waits for you! This was the avowed goal of the Project for a New American Century a group that includes Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and the usual cast of rightwing villains. Their position paper “Rebuilding our Defenses” calls for America to use her military force to establish unquestioned hegemony through out the world.

This position itself, which calls for preemptive war, is as frightening as it is un-American. But there is one statement that I’m sure they wish they had back the men who now surround George W Bush said what America needed was “a new Pearl Harbor.” These are their quotes and what you say can get you in trouble, that is if you don’t run the government or the media. For if you or I were to say I ought to burn my ex-wife’s house down and it were then to burn down. You and I would go to Jail! Go directly to jail do not pass go do not collect two hundred dollars

Another strange coincidence after America had its new Pearl Harbor, the magician still had rabbits in his hat and tricks up his sleeve. This administration that has so consistently had problems getting programs going hit the ground running legislation to Congress and troops to the middle east. Iraq was the buzzword and troops were on the way but again like Oswald walking out of the book depository Osama is allowed to walk away, another strange coincidence. The official story is we don’t know where he is even though we have been tracking him daily and by their own admission since the days he worked for the CIA.

What do we know for sure? Aircraft manned by men with connections to Saudi Military intelligence and lead by a man funded by the CIA for ten years crashed two airliners into two of the World Trade center towers. Within hours, three-world trade center towers would collapse. Towers constructed of concrete and steel designed to withstand hurricane force winds indefinitely collapsed into their own footprint into dust. The official story, burning jet fuel weakened the steel frames. That might explain why the top of the towers fell, but what about the rest the of eighty or so stories of the building untouched by fuel or flame?

The official story, they pan caked, why did they do that? The structure held for over a quarter century and its floors were independantly attached to a central core. It was in fact like Oswald’s marksmanship, a one of a kind event. Never in the history of the world has a skyscraper fallen after being hit by aircraft. A bomber hit the Empire State Building during WW2 and yet still it stands and yet we have two in two hours that collapsed into cartable sized rubble and one that wasn’t hit by aircraft that just fell down! Copycat collapse perhaps? its funny how these strange coincidences keep happening. Oswald ran into a Dallas movie theater passed the ticket booth without paying, the clerk advised the manager and the manager pointed out Oswald to police even though he never saw him come in. While the third building to collapsed on 9-11 the one not hit by aircraft housed the offices of the CIA in New York

Demolition work begins immediately to remove the wreckage of the towers, no one mentions or questions that this is a crime scene as the mayor bans photography. The crime of the new century and the evidence is removed as soon as is humanly possible, lost like Oswald’s rifle and Kennedy’s brain. Because we have the official story now, and that’s is all that matters. A blue ribbon panel presents all the evidence that fits the original assumptions, they calculate how buildings with eighty undamaged stories collapse into their own footprint a new magic bullet theory

The EPA declares lower Manhattan safe for habitation in a week. The same agency that took five years to determine if new carpet can give you headaches. Now determines a major city safe to live in after a one of a kind cataclysm. The official story says it safe, don’t you believe? Do you claim to know more than government experts? You must be a conspiracy theorist? Never mind common sense! Prove pigs can’t fly! Your claiming conspiracy so you must prove it’s not so! We have the Official theory and even though it is still just a theory ours is Official because it has government seal of approval we says so. So don’t you dare question it! or we will tell the Fuehrer, er President

Just because this administration has said in the past that they’ve gotten the intelligence wrong is no reason to question the Official story. If you do you will be ground down on the lathe of heaven. You may think that just because you’re a physics professor in Utah that you have some right to question why buildings fall at free fall speed. Well, the experts at Popular Mechanics refuted that! The same people who promised you a hovercraft in your garage and your own personal helicopter now carry the mantle of experts for they support the official story. The only thing falling at free fall speed here is your position at the university! To go against the official story is to drive the wrong way up a one-way street. Ask Oliver Stone what happens when you go against the Official story.

Stone’s movie JFK had a cast of almost every big star in Hollywood but it went against the official story and supposedly had some incorrect details although I’ve not yet found them. Stone was ostracized condemned and ridiculed but the truth was not that the movie was inaccurate; the truth was that it was too accurate, for it showed the truth. In bloody graphic detail twenty five feet high and forty feet across was the inescapable truth of the Zabruter film as Kennedy’s brain flies out the back of his head. The ugly inescapable irrefutable truth! If the President was shot from the front instead of the official story, then it was a conspiracy and coup d’etat.

Five years later Osama Bin Laden has not been charged with any crime involving the World Trade Center just as Oswald was never charged with shooting the President. The road to 9-11 is just more glue and paper mache trying to cement the official story in place. A story full of holes inaccuracies and mistakes, but if you question too loudly, will make you a target. We spend billions on security and inconvience millions of travelers. The travesty of making little old ladies throw away their denture cream should make us cringe in shame. Can it happen again? Yes, if they want it to we don’t check all the luggage or cargo. A terrorist could place twenty pounds of symtex in his luggage and detonate it with a key fob car door opener and do it again. But I’m sorry that’s not the official story is it? If that’s so you might ask, why hasn’t it happened again? Because a magician never does the same trick twice. But if the situation demands it, either to get their war with Iran that they are pining for or to hold onto power if the election results can’t be corrupted, they will.

Just for giggles let me pose the hypothetical, if the administration is complicit the President must be out of harms way and be provided an alibi. I’m mean you wouldn’t want him standing around playing air guitar or something would you? Why not send him to Maryland to read to schoolchildren? No no too close, how about Florida? Perfect! The President is going to this photo op because? He’s running for reelection? No, he’s a staunch supporter of public education? No, he’s pushing a new literacy initiative in Congress. To me this is the most damning piece of evidence like a stage play the major characters must be doing something, they cannot just stand on the stage with their hands in their pockets.

So, the President is bundled off to a grade school, He is informed that the first tower is hit yet goes ahead. Someone is off schedule he should be in the classroom and out of pocket when the first plane hits. The President is only person with the authority to give the shoot down order, now ask yourself again. Why did he just sit their reading My Pet Goat and starring into space? Perhaps he was analyzing the geopolitical ramifications of the situation or maybe he was trying to think of a way the sneak the book out so he could finish it on Air force one. Our maybe someone is still off schedule, maybe he sat there because he was supposed to. The official story, the President is rushed back to his limonene and issues the shoot down order, one minute not thirty seconds not two minutes and forty-four seconds but exactly one minute after the Pentagon is struck. Just another coincidence

The Road to 9-11 and The Road Back