Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Wii or Woo

OK, this has gotten out of hand and we materialistic "keep up with Jones" have been suckered in once again. Why is it that every Christmas season that big companies like Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft and so on decide to launch a new product and never have enough of them for the demand. This is no coincidence shoppers, this is the way they want it.

Let’s get real, each of these companies could produce enough of the game systems if they wanted and they could distribute them in a much better way but this would be way too simple and quiet. These companies would prefer to produce enough to create a shortage that drives up the price and creates a mass hysteria. All of this chaos leads to tent cities outside of department stores, violence, fights, shootings, greedy EBay auctions, theft, and fraud, which gives these companies more news coverage and advertising than they could ever dream up, produce, or pay for themselves. We the consumers are creating the advertising hype they want for free which just increases consumer demand which increases the problems all over again. This cycle gets completely out of control and the manufacturers thrive and count on this free advertising to drive more sales.

On top of all of this, my experience has been that the first generations of each new game machine have some bugs to work out. The systems get better, sleeker and more stable with the second and third generations.

So join with me in deciding not to Wii. For the same $600 investment (online auction) I can walk into a department store without any hassle the day before Christmas, pick up a Playstation 2, wireless controllers, joystick, racing wheel, electric guitar, memory cards and about 10 games, maintain a constant blood pressure and not get shot at or robbed leaving the store. My kids will have a great proven gaming system and be just as happy. Besides, we’ll look at the Wii next year when it’s $139 and everyone else is after the new Woo