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Hackers hit back at iPhone update'Bricked' phones get some functions restoredThe war between Apple and the hackers is heating up, after a 'fix' for the recent iPhone update was posted online. Apple's recent update for the iPhone's firmware rendered unlocked iPhones - those that had been modified either through software or other means to work outside of AT&T's network - unusable, and the firm has so far refused to back down from its hardline stance.As part of Apple's lucrative contract with US network AT&T, customers who want the iPhone must sign up for a two-year term with the network and Apple gets a share of revenue generated by consumers using the iPhones. The tech firm has signed similar money-spinning deals with the European operators - O2, T-Mobile and Orange - who will be selling the iPhones from November.Apple had warned those who had unlocked their iPhones that their handsets would be rendered unusable come its next update, and indeed it stayed true to its threat with the update, released last week, turning the phones into little more than expensive paperweights.Now though, it has emerged that hackers have found a way to reverse some of the update and restore a limited number of functions to the phone. However, although they have managed to get the iPod and Wi-Fi features working again, some unlocked and updated iPhones' days as a mobile phone are still over - for the time being.The reversal at present can't undo the update to the baseband software, which controls the phone functions of the iPhone. So until hackers figure out a way to undo the update completely, iPhone users whose phones have been "bricked" have an expensive digital music player on their hands.There are also rumours online of a class action suit against the firm due to the update. However, the suit may fail to materialise.Apple, meanwhile, is facing another legal action, from a woman who is angry that the firm slashed the iPhone's price by $200 only weeks after its release. New York woman Dongmei Li is looking for $1m in damages, claiming Apple broke pricing laws, and saying in court that early purchasers are suffering as a result of the cut because they can't gain the same profits when reselling the iPhones as later purchasers. Apple offered early adopters in-store credit as compensation.Apple unveils new wireless iPod TouchA new generation of iPod player with an extra wide screen and wireless internet connection has been unveiled by Apple. The iPod Touch: available in the UK later this month The newest incarnation of the iconic MP3 player will allow users to surf the web, store photos, watch internet videos and download music directly to the device. The new "iPod Touch", features a 3.5-inch, touch-screen display on which light finger touches allow the user to scroll through menus, and use two fingers to resize pictures. The wireless internet access and the Safari web browser, including the Google and Yahoo search engines, offers access to the popular YouTube video-sharing website. The iPod Touch will be available in the UK later this month. An 8GB memory version capable of holding up to 1,750 songs will cost £199 and the 16GB model holding 3,500 songs will cost £269.advertisementIt comes in bright colours and is a much squarer shape than previous generations of the gadget. Speaking from his company’s headquarters in San Francisco, California, Steve Jobs, chief executive and founder of Apple joked that his company’s new iPod was "one of the seven wonders of the world". "This is the revolution in how to enjoy your music," he said.The device was unveiled in a launch broadcast live from California to eager Apple enthusiasts and journalists around the world. Every new announcement was met with whoops and cheers. Mr Jobs also unveiled the new iPod Nano, which features a 2.5-inch screen for watching movies and playing built-in games. "It’s incredibly tiny. It’s incredibly thin," he said. Steve Jobs unveils the next generation iPods The Nano features a 320-by-240-pixel screen with 24 hours of audio playback. "We think it’s really, really beautiful," Mr Jobs said.The company also plans to release the sleek iPhone in the UK before Christmas priced somewhere between £300 and £400. The eagerly awaited launch of the new iPod touch comes a year after Apple last updated the iPod range and the latest models mark the sixth generation of the hugely popular music player. Since it was first launched in November 2001 it has become an iconic symbol of the digital world and more than 110 million have been sold across the globe. The portable music player transformed the fortunes of Apple and helped lead a music industry revolution which has seen a collapse in sales of tapes and CDs. iPod sales accounted for 29 per cent of the company’s £2.7billion revenue in the last quarter while its iTunes store is the world’s most popular online digital media shop and has sold more than three billion songs. The huge sums of money at stake have seen other manufacturers and retailers including Microsoft aggressively trying to muscle in on the market but Apple is hoping the new models will help maintain its dominance. The company controls more than two-thirds of the MP3 player market but sales have begun to slip as the market reaches saturation. Michael Gartenberg of market research firm Gartner said: "Competitors seem to always be chasing the last generation of Apple products.

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