Thursday, 24 January 2008

Forget the free Wii or the free Xbox 360. I prefer a free PS3!

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Forget the free Wii or the free Xbox 360. I prefer a free PS3!

Taking a fortuity from the programme for a blistering minute, I institute myself opened at my free Xbox 360, and its blooming anulus of death. It’s been nearly digit weeks and I ease haven’t gotten my coffin, which module indeed be my ordinal coffin. Either way, I started consideration the pros and cons of owning apiece console, and you undergo what? To inferno with the 360. I’m purchase a free Playstation 3.

I’m displeased and bushed of Microsoft, as a whole. I bought an free Xbox 360 on move night, and it lasted me a assemblage before it died. Now every today and then a housing module meet up and die. I accept that. It happens every erst in a while.

It should never hap quaternary nowadays to the aforementioned console. I should never hit to be worried that every instance I invoke my free Xbox on haw be the last. But that’s not the exclusive upset I hit with Microsoft, not by a daylong shot.

Somebody poor free Xbox LIVE, and it’s most instance it got fixed. Now, I haven’t had the feeling of experiencing my free Xbox LIVE break on me at haphazard nowadays as, again, my housing is dead. But I’ve heard and seen (I do hit friends, after all) these problems for the instance period or so, and it rattling is instance that Microsoft got this clog figured discover before that filthy causa from those whiny lowercase ingrates in Texas starts gaining merit. Having my mettlesome arbitrarily break crapper be annoying, but when it affects my knowledge to manoeuver my dashboard, it officially becomes a problem.

Another thing: Why can’t I endeavor my XBLA games when I’m not subscribed in? I spent innumerous amounts of money purchase Time Pilots, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Pac-Man, Contra, etc. I conceive I’m entitled to endeavor the games I bought soured of you when I’m not subscribed into LIVE.

…well, I wager better. But I’m ease not effort added free Xbox 360. So that leaves my options downbound to free Playstation 3, and Nintendo free Wii. Let’s move with the free Wii, shall free Wii? (I excuse for the pun)

Quite frankly, the free Wii is an overclocked GameCube with a Power Glove bespoken to it. The exclusive decorous games for it that aren’t explosive at the seems with Nintendo’s patented kid-friendly morality are from Capcom, and as farther as online assist goes… Friend Codes? The poorest intent ever. Worse than Virtual Boy.

Now that’s not to feature every mettlesome is horrendous. Super Mario Galaxy, Twilight Princess, Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, Resident Evil 4, Metroid Prime 3 and Super Paper Mario are every superior titles. Unfortunately, that’s most it.

Honestly, if I bought a free Wii I’d belike pay more instance activity games soured of the Virtual Console than I would actually activity games for the free Wii itself.

So that leaves the free Playstation 3. I module be the prototypal to adjudge that the prototypal assemblage or so for the free PS3 has been inferior than stellar. In fact, it’s been freaking direful in every thinkable way. But, with 2008 today here it appears Sony haw eventually be effort whatever games for the bounteous black paperweight. Uncharted and Unreal Tournament threesome are awful titles, and with games same Metal Gear Solid 4 and Gran Turismo 5 cod in 2008, in constituent to the cross-platformers same Deus Ex 3 and GTA IV, I rattling don’t wager where you crapper go criminal with a free Playstation 3.

…well, okay, so I don’t hit a HDTV, so Blu-Ray would be useless. It’s also pretty pricy, at $600 for the SKU that’s worth my time. It also doesn’t hit anything worth owning in the free Playstation Store. There’s no indorse Home module be anything worth composition bag about.

You undergo what? Screw it. Where’s my Sidewinder pussyfoot and headset, I’m activity whatever Counter-Strike Source.

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