Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Apple 3G iPhone pictures in the flesh

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What will the new Apple 3G iPhone look like? Well who knows but if they look like this we will be in heaven because they look hot. There are obviously many pictures floating around but none compare to these.

The free 3G iPhone is without a doubt going to be the hottest phone on the market and is already much favored by millions around the world as the sexiest thing and these pictures shown here just makes the whole process so much the better. There have been pictures on the internet showing the free 3G iPhone to be black or white, slim and even curvy and of course so many rumours flying around of what it will look like, come on we are only human.

Now these pictures shown here are master class in the way of ingenious edited photos, ok so these are not the free 3G iPhone but just say for a minute they are, you know you would fall in love with them because I have already and I really want this design. Judging by the pictures they say the free iPhone 3g will come in either red, white or black, personally I am loving the red one. If you have any pictures of the Apple 2.0 3G iPhone then please do email them to us, we only have a couple off week’s people.

Source: http://www.iphonehellas.gr

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Sensual Photography said...

I'm either going to get the news iPhone 3G that comes out on July 11 or the LG Voyager. I know the iPhone is more expensive but it is it worth the extra money? What are the differences between the Voyager and the iPhone? Which one looks better in your opinion? Lastly, which one is better overall and which one should I get?