Monday, 19 May 2008

New ivyskin iPod touch Cases Offer Touch-Thru Design

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New ivyskin iPod touch Cases Offer Touch-Thru Design

A free iPod case company by the name of ivyskin recently came out with some new free iPod touch cases which let you fully protect your free iPod while also making use of its touchscreen interface. These cases are known as the ivyskin Retro T2 and you'll find them pricing around $40.

The ivyskin Retro T2 cases are designed to fit your free iPod touch or free iPhone. The case is available in five color choices, including chrome, blue, black, yellow and red. It is made of hard-shell plastic and offers a touch-thru acrylic screen to protect the player's screen while also letting you use it.

Each case offers what ivyskin says is impact and scratch protection provided in a design sporting a thin wall. An additional scratch resistant liquid plastic coating applied at the end of the case's construction reportedly adds even protection. These cases are available now.

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