Thursday, 19 June 2008

Free iPod Touch may be heading toward an upgrade

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Free iPod Touch may be heading toward an upgrade

A pair of reports from Lehman Brothers reveal spiking free Mac sales and predict the free iPod Touch may be heading toward an upgrade.

Citing NPD data, Lehman analyst Tim Luke claims Mac unit sales grew 50 per cent year-on-year in May - well ahead of the 37 per cent growth the analyst had expected.

Free iPod remained strong, up 11.6 per cent and ahead of the decline in sales of the media player the analyst had expected to see.

The analyst said he expects to see demand for iPods shrink on strength of vigorous interest in the iPhone, and anticipates new Mac laptops will appear in the coming weeks, in time for the US back to school season.

A second Lehman Brothers analyst, Ben Reitzes, this week sent a warning to clients noting diminishing supplies of the free iPod touch.

Observing the limited supply suggests iPod sales remain stronger than expected, he noted the need for Apple to lower prices on the device to reflect lower free iPhone 3g prices.


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