Tuesday, 17 June 2008

United Airlines makes free iPod, free iPhone promise

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United Airlines makes free iPod, free iPhone promise

U.S. air carrier United Airlines has followed Singapore Airlines to offer free iPod and free iPhone connectivity in business class for international flights.

The carrier has begun to re-fit its fleet of aircraft with new entertainment systems that allow passengers to plug in (and recharge) their free iPod or free iPhone in-flight, enabling them to watch video or listen to music held on the device using the aircraft's existing entertainment system and 15-inch video screen.

The first aircraft with free iPod Touch and free 3g iPhone connectivity left Washington, D.C. for Zurich yesterday, the carrier confirmed. United's entire fleet of international, widebody aircraft are being reconfigured over the next two years with iPod and iPhone connectivity in first and business class. The technology was developed by Panasonic Avionics Corporation.

"The free iPod and free iPhone have become essential for millions of travelers around the world," said Greg Joswiak, Apple's vice president of free iPod & free iPhone product marketing. "We think United customers are going to love being able to listen or watch personal music and video content on their free iPod or free iPhone via the in-flight entertainment system, and we can't wait for United to roll this out to their fleet."

Source: http://www.networkworld.com/

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