Wednesday, 13 August 2008

No Firefox for the iPhone/iPod touch

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No Firefox for the iPhone or iPod Touch … D’oh!

According to:

Mozilla CEO John Lilly confirms that there will be no Firefox iPhone or iPod touch. D’oh!

Wired: Are you going to develop a version of Firefox for the iPhone?

Lilly: No. Apple makes it too hard. They say it’s because of technical issues — they don’t want outsiders to disrupt the user experience. That’s a business argument masquerading as a technological argument. We’re focusing on more important stuff. The iPhone has been influential, but there’s not that many of them. We’re part of the LiMo Foundation — Linux on Mobile. The Razr V2 is a LiMo phone, and you’ll see more in the next year or so.


I had been hoping that Firefox would make it to the free iPhone/iPod touch, but kinda assumed that it wouldn’t because Apple has unrealistic aspirations for Safari. Shame.

Roll on LiMo. My next cellphone will, without a doubt, be a LiMo.

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