Monday, 15 September 2008

New film download technology to prevent piracy

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New film download technology to prevent piracy


Film buyers in the UK will be able to download films to their computers and free iPods in a new breakthrough deal between Twentieth Century Fox and Apple, it has been announced.

'Digital Copy' for iTunes will provide customers who buy a DVD with an additional disk – or Digital Copy of the film – allowing them to download the film straight on to their iPod, iPhone, PC, Mac or any other portable video player.

The technology, which has been available in the US for almost a year, is now being launched for British movie buyers.

One Digital Copy title has already been released, the comedy What Happens in Vegas, starring Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher.

Fans who buy the special edition sets of DVDs will be given the free extra disc allowing them to download the film files straight on to their machine.

Purchasers will not have unrestricted use of the files – the number of times they can copy the film is strictly limited as each DVD will only transfer its iTunes Digital Copy to one iTunes library.

Although buying films from online shops like Apple's iTunes has yet to take off in Britain, Hollywood studio are hoping the new venture will help to deter the public from downloading pirate films from the internet.

The Digital Copy technology was announced by Apple and Twentieth Century Fox by Steve Job, founder of Apple, at a conference address in January.

Jim Gianopulos, chairman and chief executive of Fox Filmed Entertainment, said they expected to release more film titles with a Digital copy.

"One of the most requested features DVD buyers have been asking for is the ability to get the movies they bought into their iTunes library," he said.

"We're thrilled to offer such an incredibly simple way for our customers to get even more out of their DVD purchase, and we look forward to releasing many more DVDs this year with iTunes Digital Copy."

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