Tuesday, 7 October 2008

PS3 80GB Review - Quick Summary

PS3 80GB Review - Quick Summary

- The most powerful games console out. I would even say best but that's my opinion
- Blu-ray (Profile 2.0) movie player, for low price, and possibly expandable to future profile versions
- Compared to XBOX 360 Games not limited to ~8.54GB of DVD, but rather 50GB on Blu-ray disk, but these disks may get even bigger.
- Has Adobe Flash Player support, e.g. you can watch videos on YouTube
- Use the PlayStation Store to buy games, add-ons, demo, trailers and even classic PS1 games
- Comes with the Dual Shock 3 controller which features rumble, rather than the older SixAxis
- Uses less power than the other PS3 models, especially the 60GB PS3s, saving you money on electricity bills
- Free online gaming network, compared to XBOX 360's network
- Supports streaming music, video, photos, etc.
- Very long production life cycle, about 10 years (Sony states) like the PS2 which you can still buy now
- Divx certified player, also plays Xvid video files because they are similar.

- The 160GB PS3 coming out around October 2008 time, so you might as well wait for that, not long now
- No backwards compatibility with PS2 games. You have your PS2 for that, right?
- Only has two USBs
- No SACD support
- No flash card readers
- No ethernet cable
- No HDMI cable. You will need this to output HD video. This is an absolute must! You can get one for about £3. Don't let the higher prices fool you.
- 50% of my MP3s do not play. I think it can't play ID3v2 tagged MP3s, but Sony has to fix this with a future firmware update.
- Gets scratches easily, even with some fabric
- Produces a lot of heat, so make sure it's not stored in a closed space e.g. cupboard. Needs to be well ventilated
- Attracts a lot of dust, this gets very annoying sometimes.

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