Monday, 1 December 2008

Blockbuster on PS3 vs Netflix on Xbox 360


We know that Netflix has partnered themselves with free Xbox 360, and is part of the new Experience, Sony do not want to get left behind, which has started of a number of rumors that Sony and Blockbuster will offer video downloads.

Sony PS3 and Blockbuster have already fought side-by-side before, as Blockbuster was a huge fan of Blu-ray and said that they would support the Sony format over HD DVD. Blockbuster has been backed into a corner, as Netflix has signed up big streaming deals with LG, Samsung and TiVo and Microsoft.

Blockbuster now has to look for someone else who supports Blu-ray and Sony and the free PS3 is the best bet. Blockbuster on-demand service is different to Netflix’s “Watch Instantly” feature; customers do not need to be subscribed to their DVD-by-mail service to take advantage of the service.

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Free PS3 said...

There's rarely much of a difference between these services, and it's certainly not going to be a console war winning point. The xbox 360 has much better online infrastructure for games, but that's about it in terms of advantages. If Home takes off for the PS3, the war should be over.