Saturday, 3 January 2009

PS3 Beats Wii on Internet Use

With more than 30 million Wiis sold into homes in its life to date compared to 16 million PS3s and both with Internet browsers, you might expect that Nintendo's family-friendly box to have a larger 'market share' on the Net than the former.

You'd be wrong. A new report from Marketshare indicates that PlayStation 3 owners like to use their console (sorry, Interactive Entertainment System) for Web use than those people playing with their Wiis in December 2008.

With Microsoft's Xbox 360 not having a browser, it doesn't figure in the stats.

The gap between the PS3 and Wii is huge. Nintendo's machine gets 0.01% of 'operating system market share' compared to the PS3's 0.04%. It might look small - but it actually means that PS3 users use the Internet four times as much than Wii users, despite having a smaller install base.

Neither compares to Windows' 88.6%, which still dominates. Apple's 9.63% of share is actually up 9% since November - a great deal of this is down to the free iPhone according to Fortune. That coverage also indicates that Microsoft's Windows has lost 1.1% of share in December.


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Anonymous said...

Wow, .04%............................(pause)...........................was this trip really necessary?