Tuesday, 28 November 2006


Well, many out there might not even remember when MTV or Music Television was first aired. However, if you check the history of MTV you will find that one of the most popular sayings in the early 1980’s was a slogan from MTV. It of course was set with cool music and all and it went like this, “I want my MTV” In fact there was even a song by Dire Straights that went along with this slogan adopted by the old school MTV viewers. Well, I would venture to guess that the popular saying for this decade could be “I want my iPod.” The Apple iPod portable music players have been one of the most amazing phenomena in the last 5 years. The iPod has single handedly put a failing computer company back on everyone radar. You see people everywhere with those distinct white ear buds placed in their ears. Everyone today seems to be connected and plugged in tot heir music.

For many people out there though the cost of owning an iPod is too much. Life unfortunately is pretty tough and many people are forced to save money and gather resources for basic needs. This leaves very little money left at the end of the month for entertainment items like a cool new cutting edge iPod. Nonetheless many people still want one. They are convenient, small, and lots of fun to own. It makes waiting in line at the Post Office almost an enjoyable experience. In fact an iPod can make waiting for anything a nice time to enjoy some good music.

So this leads many people to search all over the internet and even on auction sites like eBay trying to find a cheap iPod. Some of the most popular search terms on the internet now are things like cheap of free iPod. Let’s face it everyone wants one of these cool gadgets.

So if you fit the profile, and you really want to own your own iPod but also need to save money then this article will help. There are a few models of iPod that are more affordable and priced so that almost anyone can jump on the bandwagon. These models might not have all of the latest and greatest features and cook a dinner for you at the same time as playing music. However, for a basic portable music player cheap iPods are a great option.

The one factor with iPods that really drives cost is the amount of memory. So if you are looking for the least expensive iPod model then you will want to purchase one with a smaller memory card. The great thing is even these cheap iPods with smaller memories can hold tons of music on them.

The cheapest model of iPods is the iPod shuffle. These of course range in price a great deal again based on the memory. So if you are looking to just get started in the market and own your own iPod for the lowest possible cost then you should look purchasing an iPod Shuffle 512 Mega Bytes. These cheap iPods often run around $70 in most retail stores. The Shuffle 512 MB can hold up to 120 songs.

The next cheapest iPod model that is also the next step up is still an iPod shuffle yet it has more memory. The iPod 1 gigabyte model typically runs around $100. However it can hold an amazing 240 songs. This will provide hours of music listening fun.

So if you are looking for a cheap iPod to get you started with this quickly growing phenomena then you will want to look at purchasing a iPod Shuffle with either 512 MB of memory of 1 GB of memory. Either way you will have hours of music and tons of great favorite songs that can be stored on either model.