Tuesday, 28 November 2006

XBOX 360 - Core vs Premium

Microsoft has unveiled two molds of the Xbox 360; the premium package, for heavy-duty gamers, and the core system, a machine made for less experienced gamers thriving for success in the era of gaming. The difference is colossal and that includes the $100.00 difference in price.

What comes in each box?
Both consoles have three-core CPU’s, each running at 3.2GHz; 500MHz ATI graphics processor; 512MB memory; and built-in wireless.

The Premium box contains a console with Premium Chrome Finish, a 20GB Hard Drive, Wireless Controller, Xbox Live Headset, Component HD AV Cable and an Ethernet Cable for online gaming.

The Core box contains a console which is white in color, wired controller and a composite AV cable.

Why would I want the Premium Package?
In order to play an array of original Xbox games, the hard drive is required. Either the hard drive or memory unit is required in order to save games and content, play online over Xbox Live, and voice chat with friends and family. In addition to the hard drive or memory unit being required to chat online; the headset is also required to communicate.

End result here is if you want the best possible experience from your Xbox 360, the Premium package is the way to go.