Thursday, 25 October 2007

Facebook goes mobile - look forward to more damn friend requests!!!

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Facebook goes mobile - look forward to more damn friend requests!!!

I'm not a fan of social networking and hate to find my e-mail inbox littered with random requests from people wanting me to be their friend. If only the people I know in the "real" world were that friendly...well, other than the fool who asked me to join Facebook in the first place.

Worse is to come with the release of the new mobile version of Facebook at - why oh why ?

Admittedly, you can do pretty much anything you can do on Facebook proper; poke your friends, view photos and all the other mindless tasks. OK, so it's fast, meaning even you iPhone users ( are in luck.

If you have a Blackberry, Facebook has also made available a downloadable client, much like Helio’s MySpace client. This gives you more functionality than a Web interface and is also even faster, as many of the site’s assets are already on your handset.

Credit where credit is due, on the technological front this is a great bit of work from Facebook. However, I am still not convinced by the concept - we spend hours telling our children not to add people they don't know, yet on the other hand strive to have as many "friends" as possible.

The last resort for me would be friend requests by SMS text message!

Anyone else share my view...and want to be my friend?

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