Saturday, 27 October 2007

UK Nintendo Wii stock, availability and stockists in the build up to Christmas 2007

I'm not sure what it is with us over here in the UK? When new gadgets come on to the market, we always seem to be the losers; we pay the most yet suffer inferior specs, wait the longest for release and availability tends to be an issue.

The Nintendo Wii is a perfect example of limited supply.

After Christmas last year the place that consistently had Wii’s first and in the most numbers was Amazon UK. However, you could never go as far as saying that stock was plentiful and it was a case of being in the right place at the right time, a question more of luck rather than judgement.

The situation is set to get worse in the lead up to Christmas 2007. The media is suggesting that Nintendo will be making a big effort to meet demand over the coming weeks but everywhere is already sold out. Most of those people who are lucky enough to get hold of a Wii seem to immediately try and make a quick buck and resell, pushing prices on popular auction sites well beyond the R.R.P. of £180; I have even seen the basic console with Wii Sports package going for sums approaching £300.

Other than putting faith in Santa, how is anyone going to get a Wii in their stocking this year?

One option is to use this Wii stock real time checker. However, probably your best bet is to go European and order from Amazon Germany - they do not appear to have major stock issues, the site is easy enough to translate with a bit of common sense and delivery is swift. Better still, it is nearly always the cheapest.

There is no problem in buying a German Wii as all the Wii’s in Europe are the same, except for buying an adaptor plug.

So good luck everyone and I hope you can get a Wii in time for Christmas 2007.