Friday, 18 July 2008

Playstation 3

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Playstation 3

The marketing name of the PlayStation 3 was PLAYSTATION 3. the gaming console is also referred to by its abbreviation, which is PS3. this gaming console has been developed by Sony Computer Entertainment, and is the third in the series of vides game consoles produced by the company. It is on of the consoles of the PlayStation series, and the one before this version was the PlayStation 2. the major competitors of the PlayStation 3 are the Wii gaming console produced by Nintendo, and the Xbox 360, which has been developed by Microsoft. All these video game consoles are a part of the video game systems which belong to the seventh generation.

One of the features which sets apart the free PlayStation 3 from the gaming consoles which came before it is the PlayStation Network, which is a online gaming service. Previously, Sony had the policy of letting the game developers deal with the aspect of online game play, but that has changed with the PlayStation Network. The multimedia capabilities of the PlayStation 3 are very vigorous, and it also provides the feature of connecting with the PlayStation Portable. The primary storage medium which has been provided in the PlayStation 3 is the Blu ray Disc, which is an optical disk format of high definition. The PS3 has the status of being the first player to be available in the market which was compliant with Blu ray 2.0.