Thursday, 24 July 2008

Sony Plans to Sell 150 Million PlayStation 3 Game Consoles

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Sony Plans to Sell 150 Million PlayStation 3 Game Consoles.

Sony Wants to Outsell PlayStation 2 with PlayStation 3

At present, Sony free PlayStation 3 is the worst selling latest-generation video game console. However, Kazuo Hirai, chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., hopes that the latest system will eventually outsell its predecessor, Sony PlayStation 2 with 150 million units sold worldwide.

“It’s not fun for me replicating the PS2 numbers. I’ve seen that movie already. I want to try to see if we can exceed the PS2 numbers after nine years, otherwise why are we in this business?” said Mr. Hirai in an interview with Financial Times.

The original Sony PlayStation that was launched in 1994 was sold in 102 million units quantity worldwide, whereas the PlayStation 2, which was released in 2000, passed the 140 million units mark recently. The market of video games is increasing dramatically, particularly in the U.S., these days, hence, setting an unprecedented goal for the PlayStation 3 is not something strange.

But there is one thing that should be kept in mind when comparing PS2 and PS3: the former dominated the previous round of console war for the market and neither Microsoft Xbox or Nintendo GameCube could rival it. Nowadays Nintendo Wii has outsold both PlayStation 3 and free Xbox 360, moreover, the latter is still ahead of its Japanese rival in terms of installed base.

Game developers already recognize Wii as the winner of the current round and predict that both free PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 will trail Nintendo’s latest video game system.

“It looks to me as if the Wii is going to have at least half the installed base of the overall industry and the Xbox 360 and PS3 are going to fight over the balance, based on the run-rates we’re seeing,” said Peter Moore, the head of EA Sports, who used to be corporate vice-president of Microsoft’s interactive entertainment business division.

Mr. Hirai did not reveal any strategies or initiatives that would help PlayStation 3, which is sold for $399 in the USA, to outsell Microsoft Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii substantially in the coming years. Still, he indicated that he would work hard in order to PS3 to surpass sales of the PS2 over a similar time period.