Saturday, 19 September 2009

First 250GB Slim Bundle Leaked Ahead of Schedule

With the Tokyo Game Show just around the corner, Sony is showing no signs slowing down as they attempt to reign supreme over this holiday season.

When we first brought you news of Sony’s plans to being an incredible bounty of free PS3 Slim bundles to the stage at TGS09, we were careful to call them anything but rumors. However, in light of a recent event where the image below decided to grace us with it’s presence, we’re just going to go ahead and remove that label.

Considering the existence of this bundled turned out to be true, we’d be hard pressed to say we’re not frantically filling out excessive amounts of credit card applications in anticipation of others that may be floating around the confines of various Powerpoint presentations set for next week’s show. Price and availability is still up in the air, but it would be unwise to expect this bundle anytime after the release of Uncharted 2 this October.

[UPDATE] Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, they just got worse. This afternoon, Engadget sent off on a quest to find direct confirmation of the leaked picture’s validity. When they spoke to a rep from SCEA, they were told that no bundles are planned for North America, but there was no mention of plans for other regions.

We might be trying to desperately hold on to something we only hope to be true, but despite the rep’s statement, by now we should all know how this works; Something leaks, Sony denies it, and then it’s announced shortly after. In the words of Kevin Butler, “come on!”

Source: Playstation Lifestyle

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