Saturday, 19 September 2009

Is FIFA 10 a PES 2010 beater?

The demos are out and the early winner in this year’s football battle appears to be…..well, as ever, opinions are divided, it truly is a game of two halves!

Both look stunning on my free PS3 Slim!

What has perhaps surprised me talking to friends online is that some of the PES fanboys are talking about changing camps. One even went as far as saying, “I may have to buy FIFA 10 for the first time in 15 years, Konami have just stagnated with PES and its been below par since they made 2008.”

FIFA 10 has 360 movable players, its smooth and passing is precise, with some great subtle changes; even the referee moves out of the way of the ball and players stick a leg out to block.

Skilled dribbling is also another incredible advancement in FIFA 10. As another of my online friends, a FIFA fanboy said, “I can’t wait to use the arena once the game is out, the players are balanced speed wise and now you can build up play. The AI is better at defending and finally use skill moves as well as jockey.

• Messi is amazing.
• Chelsea has a brutish team.
• Xavi’s pass range is spectacular
• Klose and Toni are top dogs in the air.
• Lampard is finally always in and around the box.


I can’t argue with any of that but personally thought that the new PES 2010 looked much better than the last one and just “felt slicker” than FIFA 10.

The jury is out but I will take a lot of convincing, PES forever!

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